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The master prepares students to leadership positions through analytically-challenging and practice-oriented courses in the areas of EU public policy and legal affairs. The course structure and its parallel activities are aimed to prepare students to succeed in their legal and policy professional and intellectually intensive careers by providing the necessary combination of skills:

Analytical Skills

Throughout the course, participants will learn how to study the complexity of EU legal and public policy issues pushing students to devise their own individual judgments and while presenting conclusions.

Organisational and Research Skills

Students have to work on their own initiative by developing their own projects and research activities and interacting with academics and professionals from both institutions.

Project Management Skills

This course wants students to manage time effectively, and learn how to prioritize and plan actions with specific objectives in mind while preparing course work and the final dissertation.

Communication Skills

The programme aims at teaching in writing and in oral communication while focusing on oral presentation, case study discussions and group work.  At the end students will be able to express themselves in a concise and professional manner while operating in a European professional and legal environment.

Team-working skills

Students work within a multicultural environment under the leadership of global faculty members and practitioners. This includes group discussions, joint efforts and commitment.

The two Directors of the Master programme will reccomend the best top 5 students of the programme for an internship of the length of 2-6 months as part of the staff of one of the Chambers of the European Court of Justice where to apply these acquired skills.