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Career opportunities

This master course is designed not only to provide participants with hands-on knowledge and understanding of European affairs and institutions, but also to cultivate other skills designed expressly to enhance employability and aid professional career development in a European environment.

In order to enhance professional development, this course offers:

  • Preparation for EU competitions organized by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO).
  • Training on EU project cycle management
  • Networking meetings
  • International career days.
  • Workshops on CV writing & interview techniques.
  • Access to global LUISS University Alumni network


Since the start of the program, our graduates have started successful careers in:

  • EU institutions
  • international organisations
  • national governments
  • consultancies
  • European lobbying firms
  • NGOs operating in Europe
  • research centres.


In particular, our graduates have started the following professional developments:

  • Project Officer, Lattanzio and Associati, (Romania)
  • Consultant, World Food Program and International Agency of Atomic Energy (Rome and Vienna)
  • Administrative Assistant, European Commission (Belgium)
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Oslo (Norway)
  • Organizational Development Coordinator, AFS Intercultural Programs (Hungary)
  • Assistant to General Manager, Tsakos Industrias Navales (Uruguay)
  • Consultant, AT Kearney (Czech Republic)
  • Coordinator Techncal Support, Saudi Oger Ltd (Saudi Arabia)
  • Researcher, Security Defense Agenda (Belgium)
  • Policy Officer, European Commission Delegation at the UN (USA)
  • EU Project Assistant, ESMO Srl (Italy)
  • EU Policy Analyst, European Security Round Table (Belgium)
  • Office Manager, Co.Me.F.Srl (Italy)
  • Assistant, Network of European Region Using Space Technologies (NEREUS) (Belgium)
  • Diplomat, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam
  • Project Assistant, Security and Defence Agenda (Belgium)
  • Event Administrator, WYSE Travel Confederation, (Netherlands)
  • Project Officer, Ministry of Social Affairs (Turkey)


Should you want to discuss our career prospects, please feel free to schedule a call with Dr. Lorenzo Valeri, Scientific Manager, LUISS School of Government by writing to