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Master of Art (MA)/Master of Law (LL.M) in Law and Government of the European Union


MLAG is a one year internationalised advanced Second Level Master that examines the EU law and governance in a comparative perspective. It is fully taught in English by outstanding international scholars from Europe, the UK and the US. It also has an international student body. It provides a unique combination of law and public policy so that students gain a realistic and broad understanding of how the EU operates in practice, going beyond textbooks and formal procedures. It is jointly promoted by Luiss School of Law and Luiss School of Government. If students already have a degree in law, they can gain an LLM by taking the core courses and then legal electives.


Course objectives

  • Understand the connections between law and politics at EU and at national level;
  • Acquire a strong knowledge about the Governance systems in Europe and policy making structures and processes;
  • Define a clear framework of the EU Judicial order and its functioning;
  • Develop an awareness of the key areas of policy and law at the European level (Competition, Trade, External relations, Integration);
  • Develop research tools and produce academic and policy papers;
  • Improve writing and oral communication to produce professional messages to be shared in a European and multicultural environment;
  • Improve skills in time management, public speaking and group work. 


The internationalised and comparative approach and combination of disciplines prepares students for professional positions in the areas of EU legal affairs and public policy that require both understanding of both legal and policy processes. These include, inter alia, career opportunities in: 

  • European institutions;
  • National and international law firms;
  • In-house legal offices of private sector organizations with direct contact with EU institutions;
  • Public affairs consultancies;
  • Foundations, NGOs and non-profit associations;
  • Regulatory and consultancy agencies;
  • Banks and financial institutions.

In order to facilitate the entrance in European Institutions the Master also offers the possibility to follow the preparation course for EPSO competition and Project Cycle Management for EU funded projects.