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Monday 13 July 2020

10:00-11:00 – Introduction to the course - Cristina Fasone and Nicola Lupo (Luiss University and RECONNECT)

11:00-12:30 - Opening lecture - Leonardo Morlino (Luiss University) "Revisiting the Concepts of Democracy and of Rule of Law”

14:00-15:30 - Yaniv Roznai (IDC Herzliya), Lecture on "Courts as protectors of democracy?”

16:00-17:30 - Pietro Faraguna (University of Trieste), Lecture on “Parliamentary ‘passivity’: The Italian case in comparative perspective”

Tuesday 14 July 2020

9:30-11:00 – Antonio Baraggia (University of Milan), Lecture on "EU conditionality and democratic standards”

11:30-13:00 – Workshop with parliamentary officials on “Parliamentary support to democratic transition and consolidation"

14:30-16:00 – Ramona Coman (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Lecture on "Protecting constitutional democracy and legitimacy at supranational level”

16:30-18:30 – Simulation session, Cristina Fasone (Luiss University and RECONNECT)


Wednesday 15 July 2020

9:30-11:00 – Nicola Lupo (Luiss University and RECONNECT), Lecture on "Constitutional amendments procedures and the influence of the EU"

11:30-13:00 - Giovanni Piccirilli (Luiss University and RECONNECT), Lecture on "The transformation of the legality principle in the European landscape"

14:30-16:00 – Participants' presentations 

17:00 - Institutional Visit at the Italian Chamber of Deputies (TBC)


Thursday 16 July 2020

9:30-11:30 - Cristina Fasone (Luiss University and RECONNECT), Lecture on "Constitutional identity and its (judicial) review in Europe"

11:30-13:00 - Jan Wouters (KU Leuven and RECONNECT), Lecture on "The common values and the rule of law in between the EU and the Member States”

14:30-16:00 - Written test

17:00- Institutional Visit at the Senate of the Italian Republic (TBC)


Friday 17 July 2020

09:30-11:00 – Olivier Rozenberg (Sciences Po-Paris), Lecture on "Representative democracy facing populism: Lessons to be drawn”

11:30-13:00 - Myriam Hunter-Henin (University College London), Lecture on "Religious freedoms and democracy"

14:30-16:00- Laurent Pech (Middlesex University of London and RECONNECT), Lecture on "Rule of law and democratic backsliding in Eastern Europe”

16:30-18:30 - Renaud Dehousse (President of the European University Institute), Closing Lecture on "The EU: From integration through law to parliamentary democracy?"

18:30- Awards' Ceremony