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Program and structure

The Master in European Security is a rigorous program designed to train the next generation of practitioners and leaders in the field of international politics and management with a specific professional interest in the current state and future developments of the Mediterranean area.

Within a multidisciplinary core curriculum, students will take advanced courses on international and regional security, the role of European institutions and governance in the field of Security and Defence while interacting with professionals and security experts from the Luiss School of Government and UFV.

During the first semester, students will attend courses delivered in Rome before moving to Madrid at UFV for the second part of the program. Upon completion, they will have benefited from the opportunity to appreciate the academic, professional and cultural experiences of two leading academic institutions that are extremely active in training and research associated with Mediterranean security.

Students must complete a set of core and elective courses.

Rome Module (October 2023 - January 2024)

Students must attend 4 Core Courses. These courses provide the core theoretical and professional basis for understanding the security and stability challenges of the Mediterranean region.

  • European Institutions
  • Policies and Policy Making in the European Union 
  • European History and Policies after 1945
  • European Security

Successively they have to choose 2 of the following Elective Courses, in order to create their own specialized curriculum:

  • Business and Economics in the Mediterranean Area 
  • Migration in the Mediterranean area 
  • History of Southern European Integration and Defence 

Madrid Module (February 2024 - June 2024)

Students are expected to complete the following courses: 

  • War and Strategy in the XXI Century
  • European Security Priorities 1; Maghreb/Sahel Region
  • European Security Priorities 2; China
  • European Security Priorities 3; Russia
  • European Security Priorities 5; Transatlantic
  • European Security Priorities 1: Middle East

Both at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria and the Luiss School of Government, students will attend thematic seminars and practical development workshops.

Students are expected to complete a final dissertation under the supervision of a member of the faculty of the Master course by the end of September 2024.