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A student voice from the Master in European Studies: EU Institutions and Public Policy (MES)

Student Voice

Wiame Bounejar shared with us her thoughts about the Master in European Studies: EU Institutions and Public Policy

"The Master in European Studies: EU Institutions and public policy MES was a path that helped me to better understand the political and democratic processes of the European Union, I was able to deepen my knowledge in specific areas such as cybersecurity and migration in the Mediterranean area while having the opportunity to improve my skills in the field of Diplomatic negotiation and Leadership. This master's degree has helped me to broaden my knowledge, thus moving from the study of international relations to the deepening of the democratic processes of the European Union. As an Italian-Moroccan student I have always had the feeling of being part of different realities, the presence of other foreign students has allowed me to deal with different cultures, and being able to work in groups with students who have different backgrounds, has enriched my personal and cultural baggage. I am currently an intern in the Senate of the Republic and at the same time at the Presidency of the Defense Commission at the Chamber of Deputies, both experiences are extremely stimulating and are contributing to my personal and professional training. I chose Luiss University and specifically the Luiss School of Government for its innovative approach, its connection with the world of businesses and institutions, and its inspiring staff. Luiss is synonymous with excellence and innovation not only in Italy but is recognized all over the world!"

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