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Master and Executive Program in Cyber Science

The Master and Executive Program in Cyber Science is an Education and Training Course aimed to provide the participants with core skills and scientific competencies to make them capable of dealing with today’s cyber environment.

To this purpose, the Course is divided into three main Modules: 



Module A

Internet Based Systems & Programming

Module B

Cyber Defence

Module C

Penetration testing and Malware Analysis

With Module A, the Course will provide trainees with new and improved skills to practice, in a proper way, the operating systems and some of the most common “cyber tools”. At the same time, it will provide the basic knowledge of the techniques and features of the main programming languages.

At the end of Module B, trainees will acquire the knowledge on the most critical software vulnerabilities and will be able to improve the level of security of the network under their domain.  

At the end of the Module C, they can also learn the aim and the procedure of the penetration test and understand how the main malwares work getting the introduction to the methodologies to conduct cyber-attacks techniques and approaches.

Lastly, participants will take part to “Capture-The-Flag”, a hacking game event.

Detailed syllabus.