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Policy Paper

Policy Paper n. 01/2023, Perché l’Italia ha bisogno di un piano minerario nazionale, by Gianclaudio Torlizzi

Policy Brief

Policy Brief n. 01/2023, A pan-european strategy for the energy emergency, by Frédérique Berrod, Deval Desai, Carolina De Stefano, Elke Heins, Michael LaBelle, Alessandro Liscai, Domenico Lombardi, Christine Lutringer, Maria Mexi, Luciano Monti, Riccardo Pugnalin, Piergiacomo Sibiano, Gianclaudio Torlizzi, and Jelena Žarković

Policy Brief n. 02/2023, Call for risk assessment of unspent public funds, Deval Desai, Christine Lutringer, Luciano Monti