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The Luiss School of Government aims to produce cutting-edge work in a wide range of fields and disciplines through publications, workshops, conferences that enhance intellectual discourse and debate. Research is carried out using comparative approaches to explore different areas, many of them with a specifically European perspective.

The aim of this research activities is to find solutions to complex, real-world problems using an interdisciplinary approach. Luiss School of Government encourages its academic and student community to reach their full potential in research and professional development, enhancing career development with clear performance standards and high-quality. Through this strong focus on high research quality, Luiss School of Government aims at understanding and influencing the external research and policy agenda. 

In the period between 2017-2019, Luiss School of Government has hosted the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence “Centrifugal Europe and the Challenge of Integration" (Contract Number: 574597-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPJMO-CoE).

Mapping Italy: scenario and political risks 

The Monthly Report aims to provide international analysts, journalists, and investors with a guide to the political scenario, policy-making process and opinion trends in Italy.

Working Papers

The Luiss School of Government working papers series was launched as a core element of institution's effort drive to disseminate high-quality research. The papers are also outputs of the research projects hosted by Luiss School of Government

Policy Briefs

In the Policy Brief series, professors, lecturers and researchers of the School of Government investigate highly topical issues. These are agile publications that aim to offer the academy's contribution to a rapid and ever-changing public debate, but which must remain as informed as possible. The focus is on politics, law, economics, international affairs, and above all on the determining role that governments, international organizations and public administrations play in all these areas.

Research Projects

The Luiss School of Government actively participates to research funded via national and international organizations. Moreover, its academic community is also involved in the specific activities of Luiss research centers such as:

Current research projects

Beyond European Exceptionalism: The European Union in Comparative Perspective (EACEA Jean Monnet Chair 2011-2014, Project Leader: Prof. Sergio Fabbrini, Director Luiss  Department of Political Science)

The Human Right Dimension of EU Foreign Policy (EACEA Jean Monnet Chair, Project Leader: Prof. Leonardo Morlino, Professor of Political Science and Vice Rector-Research Luiss  Guido Carli)

Jean Monnet Module on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe (Prof. Nicola Lupo)

Jean Monnet Module on EU’s Engagement with Civil Society (Dott. Raffaele Marchetti)

PRIN CricEcDemo (Prof. Leonardo Morlino, Professor of Political Science and Vice Rector-Research Luiss Guido Carli)