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Layers and Connections of the Political - Day 5

June 23, 2021 at 9:00



"Layers and Connections of the Political"

International Conference of the Association for Political History

14-25 June 2021 - Luiss Guido Carli University Rome, Italy

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Wednesday, 23rd June


Session 12 - 9.00-10.30 CET (Webex)

Panel - The Conservative Party, Conservative Ideology and the Challenge of Change (co-sponsored by the British Political Studies Association Politics and History Specialist Group)


  • Giovanni Orsina (Luiss)


  • Antony Mullen (Thatcher Network-University of Bolton)


  • David Jeffery (University of Liverpool)

Analysing patterns of ideological change amongst Conservative MPs and the response of voters: A study of Liverpool

  • Adam Waddingham (University of Manchester)

Cradle of Conservatism? Lancashire, Toryism, and the modern British Conservative Party

  • Andrew Roe-Crines (University of Liverpool)

The Rhetorical Construction of Brexit on the Right

  • Tim Heppell (University of Leeds)

Ideology, Leadership and the Conservative Party


Session 13 - 10.30-12.00 CET (Webex)

Panel - The political life of things. Material culture and politics in Risorgimento Italy


  • Lucy Riall (European University Institute)


  • Catherine Brice (Paris Est Créteil University)


  • Carlotta Sorba (University of Padua)

Revolutionary Fashion. Patriotic bodies in 1848 Italy

  • Ignazio Veca (University of Pisa)

Two popes. Pius IX, religion and the power of objects in Nineteenth-century politics

  • Alessio Petrizzo (University of Padua)

Return to order and material culture. Missing objects, anti-republican narratives and police practices in Rome after 1849

  • Silvia Cavicchioli (University of Turin)

The second life of patriotic objects. Memories and politics from private heritage to the Nation on display


Session 14 - 14.00-16.00 CET (Webex)

APH Forum for young scholars on "Identities"


  • Lucy Riall (European University Institute)
  • Irene Herrmann (Université de Genève)


  • Andrea Schmidt (University of Pecs)

Reshaped Borders Redefined Identities? Poland, Hungary and the Uncertain Central Europe

  • Konstantin Dragaš (Institute for Balkan Studies)

The Political Ideology of the Risorgimento and the Serbian national movement in XIX century: the       similarities and differences of the two political concepts and their heritage

  • Nicola Degli Esposti (LSE) and Angelo Rinaldi (LSE)

The Politics of Peripheral Incorporation: Italy’s Mezzogiorno and Turkey’s Kurdistan

  • Myroslava Lendel (Uzhhorod National University)

Locality and Ethnicity in the Periphery Border Region as the Separate Political Layer