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Eugenia Ferragina

Eugenia Ferragina is a senior researcher at the Institute of Studies on Mediterranean Societies (ISSM) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). Since 2002 she is a Professor of Economics and Institutions of Mediterranean countries at the University “l’Orientale” in Naples (Italy).

In the last years the main author’s research interest is focused on the fieldwork of the exploitation of non renewable water resources (fossil aquifers) in the Middle East. She studied the Disi-Amman Water Conveyance System, a Jordan project exploiting the Disi fossil aquifer shared with Saudi Arabia, and now is going to publish the results of a mission in the filed to asses the environmental and socio-economic impact of South Valley Development Project in Egypt.

Her main fields of study are: water management in South Mediterranean Countries, geopolitics of land and water resources in the Middle East, conflict and cooperation in the international river basin (Jordan, Tigris and Euphrates, Nile), effects of global warming on land degradation and water exploitation, climate change and environmental migration, the depletion of water reserves in the arid countries of Middle East and North Africa, economic and social impact of water and food crisis in South Mediterranean Countries, land and water grabbing in Arab countries.

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