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Marc Lazar

Marc Lazar is a Professor of Political History and Sociology, the director of the Center for History at Sciences Po (Paris) and the President of the Advisory Board of this University. He is also the President of the School of Government at Luiss University.

His research focuses on the Left and Far Left in Europe, Politics in Italy, Politics in France, Comparative Politics in France, Italy and European Union, Populism, Violence in Politics, Relations between History and Political Science. He published 26 books and more than 200 articles in French, Italian, English, German, Romanian in academic journals.

Marc Lazar is columnist for the Italian newspaper La Repubblica and very present in Italian, French and international medias.

His more recent publications:

  • Stéphane Courtois, Marc Lazar, Histoire du PCF, Paris, PUF, 2000, 480 p.
  • Marc Lazar, L’Italie à la dérive, Paris, Perrin, 2006, 156 p. Translated in italian.
  • Marc Lazar, Gianfranco Baldini (eds.), La Francia di Sarkozy, Bologne, Il Mulino, 2007, 248 p.
  • Marc Lazar (eds.), « Italie : la présence du passé », Vingtième siècle. Revue d’histoire, numéro spécial 100, octobre-décembre 2008.