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2023 Edition


At the 2023 WFF Luiss University hosted a very successful UN Model Programme as a partnership collaboration with FAO. 

The theme of the 2023 UN Model Programme was the “Great Climate Migration”. It consisted in a simulation of a Special Session of the FAO Council convened in the wake of El Niño causing a massive migration flow from East African Countries toward the North of the Continent. Students/Members were asked to adopt a decision in response to this event.   

Mr. Alessandro Bruneau (who played the FAO Secretary General in the simulation) commented: "Being part of the LUISS UN FAO model was a vibrant experience that allowed me to meet amazing people who illuminated the event with their passion for diplomacy and lively debates. I must extend my heartfelt tribute to the organizers for their impeccable planning and seamless execution. This Model was an unforgettable experience, celebrating the power of collaboration and the potential of the next generation of leaders".