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Program Structure

The GEGPA programme is composed of:

Four main Modules:

Global Governance in Rome:

  • Learn the context and challenges of economic governance and policy in the 21st century

Sustainable Development in Berlin: 

  • Study new forms of transnational and interregional governance as a way forward towards sustainable development in the context of major climate and demographic changes.

Policy Intelligence in Nice: 

  • Investigate how far the digital society enables transforming economic data into policy knowledge.

Applied Research Methodology, case studies, simulation exercises and skills workshops throughout the whole curriculum in Rome, Berlin and Nice

  • Final 15-20.000 dissertation or project work
  • Selected lecturers (academics and professionals)
  • Networking meetings with national and international government officials, private sector representatives and leading academics

Core Courses  (20 hours each):

MODULE: Global Governance in Rome

  • Democracy and Global Governance: conceptual and methodological issues
  • Global politics: power shifts in an age of globalization
  • Statistics for international public affairs


  • Transnational Innovation
  • Global and Local Regulation
  • Interregional innovation


  • Cybergovernance
  • Economic Indicators
  • Global Risk Management