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16-20 luglio 2012: Summer School "Parliamentary Democracy in Europe"

Summer School “Parliamentary Democracy in Europe”

“National Parliaments, Local Government and Civil Society within the EU Decision-making Processes.

Controlling Compliance with the Principle of Subsidiarity”

LUISS School of Government

Rome, 16-20 July  2012

 Applications closed 

Especially after the Treaty of Lisbon, the evolution of the European decision-making process towards the full enforcement of the principles of representative and participatory democracy requires to be studied in depth. This summer school untangles these issues and provides its participants with a map of the current state of the European Union democracy by scoping interactions among national legislative bodies, regional and local authorities and civil society when EU decisions are taken. Hence, students will be confronted with the multifaceted dimensions of the principle of subsidiarity within the European Union – both legal and political, linked to the problem of the multilevel government, the constitutional identities of Member States and the principle of proximity – and provided with the experiential knowledge and practical experience for understanding its enforcement challenges.  

This Summer School is is organised in cooperation with Nova Universitas and is promoted under the auspices of the International Political Science Association and the LUISS Research Centre for Parliamentary Studies.  

For more information about the programme and application procedures, please follow the link or write to