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Is a regional reset still on the agenda in the Middle East?

Is a regional reset still on the agenda in the Middle East?

January 31, 2023 at 15:00 Mediterranean Platform Meeting Online

Over the last two years the Middle East has witnessed a relative pause in the intense geopolitical confrontation that characterized the post-Arab Uprising period. Regional actors have intensified efforts to mend ties and normalize relationships, raising hopes that diplomacy would gradually pave the way to conflict resolution and to a more structured dialogue on the basic tenets of the regional security system. However, at the beginning of 2023 uncertainties over the future direction of the region are once again on the rise. What is the likely impact of the deteriorating global geopolitical and economic outlook on the stability of the region? How are the regional reverberations of the Russia-Ukraine war affecting the calculus of regional actors? What will the geopolitical consequences of continuing unrest in Iran be? How will upcoming elections shape Turkey’s regional policies? How are Arab Gulf states reassessing their foreign policies to adapt to the new challenges?

The first Monthly Mediterranean Platform will shed light on the current geopolitical dynamics in the Middle East. The conversation with leading regional analysts will explore the most recent developments in the stances of key regional players and how are they going to impact the attempts to promote a regional reset.


Prof. Luigi Narbone, Director Mediterranean Platform – Luiss School of Government


  • Dr. Ebtessam Al-Ketbi, President and Founder of the Emirates Policy Center, Abu Dhabi
  • Dr. Joseph Bahout, Director Issam Fares Institute, Beirut
  • Dr. Alex Vatanka, Director Iran Program, Middle East Institute, Washington D.C.
  • Mr. Osman Sert, Research Director, Ankara Institute, Ankara

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