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Programme Structure

This unique program involves a combination of online courses, in-presence intensive module in Rome and a final project work involvding leading academic and experts coordinated by Prof. Raffaele Marchetti, Full Professor of International Relations, Luiss Guido Carli.

The Master is structured in the following three mandatory phases:

Phase 1: Online (March-June 2023) 

Managed by UNITAR, this phase involves the completion of the following online courses on multilateral diplomacy:

  • International Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (self-paced)
  • Public Diplomacy in a Multilateral World (self-paced)
  • Conference Diplomacy, and Drafting Resolutions
  • Negotiation Skills and Techniques
  • Effective Writing in Multilateral Diplomacy
  • Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette
  • Digital Diplomacy
  • Economic Diplomacy and Security

Each module will involve a final evaluation.  

Phase 2: Intensive in Presence School of Government – Luiss Guido Carli Rome (July 2023) 

Organised by Luiss School of Government, selected diplomats will be attending a mandatory three weeks intensive program in Rome focusing on:

  • Global and European Security Challanges
  • Europe and Africa: Current and Future Policy Developments
  • Italy and Africa: Current Policies and Future Developments
  • Management of Global and Regional Economic Security
  • Understanding and Managing Global Value Chains
  • Business Innovation and Economic Growth
  • Energy Policies and Management
  • Security Issues Connected to European and Global Trade
  • Cybersecurity
  • Food Security and Sustainability
  • Leadership and Negotiation
  • Public Speaking

Phase 3: Final Project Work (August-October 2023) 

Selected participants will complete a 15.000 words project work in a topic identified at the end of Rome-module. Each project work will examine a specific case study identified by the candidate. The project work will be completed at home office of the candidate under the digital supervision of an instructor identified by UNITAR and Luiss School of Government.