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Three LUISS students organize an event for the World Humanitarian Summit

“We must leave the world in a better condition than that in which we found it.”Efrem Garlando is one of the organizers of the Youth Consultation for the World Humanitarian Summit, to be held Monday, July 13 at LUISS. 
Alongside Giovanni Saitta and Giorgio Sirtori, from the School of Government’s  Master in International Public Affairs, Efrem, anInternational Relations student specializing in Global Studies, has organized an event in preparation for the World Humanitarian Summit to involve students in international, humanitarian themes. 

“The Youth Consultation is a unique opportunity for young Italians to actively participate in proposals and ideas to present for the agenda of this year’s International Summit in Doha,” explains Giovanni, the event’s coordinator. “Currently, analogous events are being organized in several different countries,” adds Giorgio. “Our goal is that participants share ideas, proposals and suggestions that will then be documented and considered for September’s international summit.” 

Further event developments were inspired by their common interest in the humanitarian sector and a coordination of the three students’ specializations. “I don’t have concrete experience in volunteering but I have always been interested in international politics, writing articles and  organizing events,” says Giovanni. In addition to event organization, Giorgio has worked in the humanitarian sector, “in 2014, for an Australian non-profit in Laos ( and in the previous year during a short internship with the World Food Program in the Ivory Coast. Efram’s experience began during his bachelor’s studies: “I promoted a project regarding refugees in the Mediterranean in collaboration with the UNHCR and visited a refugee camp in Amman, Jordan where I saw what a war could provoke with my own eyes.”

The following step in organizing the Youth Consultation was to involveFrancesco Galtieri, head of the Peace Programming Section of the United Nations Volunteers, to conduct the day’s panel. According to Giovanni, “Galtieri’s presence at the event is a cannot-miss opportunity for students. Thanks to his know-how and his openness, students will feel that their contribution is important to both the project and the United Nations.”

“We are thrilled that Galtieri from the UNV has accepted our invitation. Thanks to him, we are certain the event will be educational and stimulating,” says Giorgio. During the event, the three students will work alongside moderator Diego Antonino Cimino, coordinator of the youth program of the World Humanitarian Summit for Europe and North America, to interact with students, share opinions and formulate concrete proposals.