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#Luissneverstops: video-messages from Luiss Rector and General Manager

"I'm extremely happy to see the entire Luiss community – staff, faculty and in particular, our students able to cope and, in fact, deal with this emergency which is related to the Coronavirus. We have been able to transmit all information and knowledge that we usually do in your presence, using virtual tools instead. So we've made real our lectures via virtual instruments. This is why I'd like to give a big thanks, again, to the entire Luiss community. Let me use Italo Calvino’s points: we've been rapid, we've been exact. We've been able to make ourselves visible all around the world. In fact, we can reach multiple students across multiple locations, just from our campuses. And also we’re very much still coherent and consistent with our educational model. And just again to wind up with Italo Calvino: We’ve been firm in our lightness, because in this occasion, we've got to be firm – follow the recommendation of the government –  but at the same time, we've got to be light – to keep enjoying life and learning.


"One giant leap ahead for our student body. We decided not to simply record our lectures and post them online, but to go live with all our professors – so as not to disrupt the classroom rapport students have, even if virtual. It’s an enormous effort: 260 classes and involving about 7000 students, and today, another 200 online. Luiss never stops. I am so proud of the work you have all done. Our administrative staff have made an incredible effort to make this all possible, and all of our docents have participated quite enthusiastically to not hold back the University and the learning process with their students. Luiss never stops. Nothing should hold us back".