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SkyTG24 & Luiss School of Government: together to explore the phenomena and scenarios of politics and economics


In Italy and worldwide, politics is called to new challenges. We are in a period of great social, economic, scientific and even political changes. These are changes that deserve attention, research, study and, therefore, accurate disclosure and analysis.

For this reason Sky TG24, one of the most important Italian all-news television networks, and the Luiss School of Government start a collaboration on the analysis of the challenges, present and future, of policy making. To understand and tell what is happening and can happen, to frame the choices of governments and the context in which they are made, to offer the public the coordinates necessary to interpret such an uncertain and unpredictable period.

The team of the Luiss School of Government will be a guest of Sky TG24's in-depth political programs on a regular basis, to develop the analysis and commentary on Italian and international politics.

In addition, Sky TG24 will preview the Monthly Report on Italy, the analysis that the Luiss School of Government - in collaboration with the Luiss School of European Political Economy (SEP) and with CISE, the Italian Center for Electoral Studies - carries out every month and which represents a unique guide to the political and economic scenario, decision-making and public opinion trends in Italy. Starting tomorrow, when the director of the Luiss School of Government, Giovanni Orsina, will present the June report at 10.30 am, within the Start program. Other research, reports and studies by the Luiss School of Government will instead be the starting point for the construction of investigations and special services by the editorial staff of Sky TG24.


The partnership with the Luiss School of Government - explains the director of Sky TG24, Giuseppe De Bellis - is part of the editorial strategy of our magazine, which focuses on the depth of information and on the story of the decisions that change the lives of citizens, always looking to the context in which information develops. Because more and more you need a complete look to get an opinion".

"Building a virtuous relationship between research, academic reflections and public opinion is always important - comments the director of the Luiss School of Government Giovanni Orsina - but it is even more important in the post-Covid world. The Luiss School of Government is a highly-trained structure that addresses institutions and the world of professions, with the aim of making a rigorous and clear contribution to the public debate. Together with Sky TG24 we will have a precious opportunity to broaden our gaze on the country”.


In a complex moment like the current one, the partnership between Sky TG24 and the Luiss School of Government wants to become a point of reference for analysts and stakeholders, but also for the public at home, in the interpretation of the phenomena of policy making in general and more particularly the situation in Italy, as a European partner and world player in the difficult post-Covid match that we will all have to face and, above all, understand.