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Strenghtening the rule of law in the EU: what role for the interparliamentary cooperation?

The potential role of the interparliamentary dialogue in addressing the internal dimension of the rule of law has recently emerged in the institutional debate at EU level. However, stable interparliamentary formats have not been implemented yet and the interparliamentary dimension is much less developed than in other comparable fields. By analysing the European Parliament and National Parliaments’ activity related to the EU rule of law dimension through an interparliamentary lens, the paper identifies an asymmetric approach expressed by the two parliamentary levels and a heterogenous attitude among National Parliaments. This is due not only to the specificities of the rule of law area but also to different general views on the role of the interparliamentary cooperation in the EU. The diverseness of the EU Parliaments’ positions, combined with the lack of a strong legal basis, contributes to explaining the limited degree of interparliamentary cooperation in the rule of law area.