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Energies for Next Generation Italy

Rome, 28 January 2021

The web talk “Energies forNext Generation Italy” was held today, the second appointment od the Executive Course organized by  Luiss School of Government, WEC Italia e Globe Italia-Associazione Nazionale per il Clima, “Energy and Circular Economy Days” 2020-2021.

After the two days of Trevi last September, the second module was held in digital form and focused on the contribution that the national energy system can give to the necessary reunion between national recovery and resilience plans and the trajectories of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 of the United Nations. The meeting saw the participation of important guests from the institutional, corporate and academic world, including Marco Margheri (President WEC Italia), Matteo Favero (President Globe Italia), Giovanni Orsina (Director Luiss SoG), Maria Cristina Rosaria Pisani (President Consiglio Nazionale giovani), Filomena Maggino (President Cabina di Regia Benessere Italia) e Valeria Termini (Professordi Economia politica, Università RomaTre, High Level Technical WG, UN Energy Dialogue 2021 for COP 26).

The event was organized in partnership with AICP – Associazione Italiana Collaboratori Parlamentari e Askanews e in partnership con Acquirente Unico, AXPO Italia, BASF, CNH Industrial, Comieco, Conai, Edison, Enel e Terna.

“The Energy and Circular Economy Days of Trevi have been confirmed, even in these difficult times, as an inclusive dialogue platform to share ideas and solutions for an increasingly resilient and sustainable future" - declared WEC Italia President Marco Margheri - “With today's web talk we are continuing the in-depth process started in the two days of Trevi in September 2020 on the energy transition of the country at the service of the Italian economic revival. Mechanisms such as the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and the extraordinary EU financing plans (Recovery Fund) can and must represent an opportunity for the transformation of energy systems to support the country's economic recovery, encouraging concrete reform and investment and slender. These are the themes that WEC Italia is following closely with the evolution of its concept paper "Agire nel breve, darestabilità al futuro”.

Today's meeting was an opportunity for dialogue between sector stakeholders who came together to contribute to the construction of a common vocabulary regarding the opportunities and challenges of the energy transition and on how policies and investments in the energy sector can foster the reunification of development with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.