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Mapping Italy: scenario and political risks

The last few weeks have been characterised by the internal political crisis in the Democratic Party (Partito Democratico or PD). The secretary Nicola Zingaretti, after having staked everything on the Conte 2 government and on the alliance with the 5 Star Movement (Movimento 5 Stelle), resigned a few days after Mario Draghi took office at Palazzo Chigi. For Zingaretti, the government led by the former president of the ECB is the sign of a political defeat: the majority formed by the centre-left and the 5 Star Movement, which had the Democratic Party as a pivot, failed to survive the difficulties caused by the pandemic and the need to carry out structural reforms to implement the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The return to the governing majority of the League (Lega) and Go Italy (Forza Italia), as well as the breaking of the previous alliance by Matteo Renzi, led to the failure of Zingaretti's leadership.


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No. 2 March 2021