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Start of the Luiss School of Government Policy Observatory

Start of the Luiss School of Government Policy Observatory 

The Scientific Committee of the Policy Observatory of the Luiss School of Government, under the chairmanship of Domenico Lombardi and Giovanni Orsina, with the members Alessandro Aresu, Vitalba Azzollini, Francesco Di Ciommo, Giovanni Doria, Antonio Funiciello, Luigi Gianniti, Luigi Di Gregorio, Marco Roberto Lo Prete, Luigi Gianniti, Luigi Di Gregorio, Marco Valerio Lo Prete, Domenico Mastrolitto, Alberto Mingardi, Federico Niglia, Chiara Oldani, Marcella Panucci, Riccardo Pozzi, Gianclaudio Torlizzi, Piero Vietti, met for the first time at the Luiss Campus in Viale Romania.

The meeting was also attended by Carolina De Stefano and Nicola Lupo from the School of Government, by Luciano Monti, Senior Fellow of the SOG, by Riccardo Pugnalin from the respective Advisory Board and by Flavio Valeri.

The agenda for the coming months was the result of a fruitful exchange of ideas among the members of the Scientific Committee.

"The Policy Observatory intends to intervene with competence and authority," said Domenico Lombardi, "aiming to bridge the gap between theory and practice, between academic research and the world of politics, engaging institutions to promote change based on international best practices.


La mission del Policy Observatory