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Franco Amodeo

Franco Amodeo has been a lecturer of English at Rome’s Sapienza University since 1982 and has taught English at Luiss since 2001. He has taught business English to managers and technical personnel of private and public organisations such as Italcable, Istituto per il Commercio Estero (ICE), Istituto Bancario S. Paolo di Torino and Angelini Farmaceutici. For over fifteen years he organised and taught in post-diploma and post-graduate vocational training courses (Regione Lazio), dealing with the specific language used in business, ICT, marketing and management as well as technical translation skills. He has worked in in-service training courses for foreign technical personnel within training programmes financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNIDO. He has been a translator of technical documentation (including contracts, patents/intellectual property and research papers for publication) and language reviewer for over thirty years. He is also invited by public and private organisations to take part in commissions for the selection of qualified personnel.