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Program Structure

The master allows students to:

  • be able to understand, the history, theory and contemporary implications of international and European relations, as well as the forces that drive global developments;
  • acquire the tools to understand the dynamics of contemporary international and European relations;
  • develop an advanced understanding of issues of international governance and their significance;
  • design and conduct inquiries and subsequently report on scientific issues within international and European relations.

At the end of the course, students will have gained 120 ECTS/240 UK credits.

Semester 1: October-December 2018 LUISS School of Government, Rome, Italy

Students will need to take 3 out of the 4 following core modules:

  • European Politics in the 20th Century
  • European Macroeconomics
  • European Institutions and Democracy
  • Policies and Policymaking in the EU

Semester 2: March-June 2019 LUISS School of Government, Rome, Italy

Students will need to take 3 out of the following modules

  • European Energy Economics and Policy
  • European Foreign and Security Policy
  • Security and Migrationin the Mediterranean
  • European Internal Market and Competition Policies
  • Germany and European Integration
  • History of European Integration
  • History and Politics of EU Aid Policy and Projects
  • Business and Economics in the Mediterranean Area
  • Cohesion Policies in the EU 2014 
  • Transnational Activism, Global Governance and the EU 
  • European Social Policy 

Compulsory Trainings (2 at choice - 4 ECTS)

  • EPSO Preparation course - 20h
  • Learning Policy Advise - 20h  
  • European Project Management (EPM)   

Compulsory Trainings (3 ECTS)

  • Simulation Exercise: Negotiation and Decision-making Processes in European Institution
  • Guest Professional and Academic Series

Additional Trainings 

  • Career Service Trainings
  • Academic Methodology Training

Two compulsory term essays of 8.000 words each.

Semester 3 September-December 2019 ,Department of Politics, University of Sheffield

Students will need to take 2 modules on global issues from the following list:

  • The Political Economy of Globalization
  • The Politics of International Law
  • Europeanization
  • Contemporary Global Security
  • Global Justice
  • Global Governance
  • Research Methods
  • United States Hegemomy
  • The Governance and Politics of the European Union
  • Theories and Issues in International Political Economy
  • The Politics of Development
  • Wars, New Wars and the Liberal State
  • Theory and Practice of International Relations

Semester 4: January-May 2020,  Department of Politics, University of Sheffield

Students are expected to complete a 12-15,000 word research dissertation. Supervision will be led by a member of the academic community of the Department of Politics, University of Sheffield with the support from academic staff of the LUISS School of Government.