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Curricular Internship

Curricular Internship is a training experience carried out in a real professional context.

All Master participants have the possibility to do this kind of internship as long as they remain students of the course for the whole duration of the internship experience.

The Curricular Internship is a flexible instrument allowing students to access employers' sites, with all the required insurance coverage (e.g INAIL e RC).  There is no obligation for the employer to hire interns neither to correspond a reimbursement fee during the internship period.

The experience can normally last from 1 to 6 months, with a full time or part time formula. 

The internship gives a valuable opportunity to get in touch with the professional world, making a useful experience to consciously define personal and professional objectives while developing hard and soft skills, becoming more attractive on the labour market.

It hasn't got the purpose to directly determine the placement of the student. Nonetheless, candidates that have already had practical experiences in professional contexts have an evident asset, compared to others. 

Please note that after the obtainment of the degree title, it’s not possible to activate curricular internships, but only Extracurricular internships, which are submitted to different regulations.