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Comments of the students from the previous editions

"As one of the participants to the 2014 edition of the Summer School, I can say with full confidence that it was one of the most rewarding intellectual experiences of my young career as a researcher. The Summer School, which provided for a highly interactive environment between the participants and the presenters, did an amazing job of combining theory and practice. I would highly recommend this program to anyone working on European Union related issues in general, and particularly to those studying Europeanization. On another note, the Summer School was also ideal for networking. When I say this, I do not speak on behalf of myself only, but on behalf of all participants whom I've kept in close contact with since the end of the program. "

Eltion Meka, Ph.D., Rutgers University (Newark)

"I took part in the Summer School organised by the Luiss School of Government in July 2014. It was a first quality programme in every respect: the participants, the lectures and the overall organization. I recommend to attend both weeks, because it is the best way to profit in all extent from the variety of the contributions, visits and atmosphere of this top quality programme. "

Prof. Dr. José Carlos Cano Montejano, Departamento de Derecho Constitucional, Facultad de Derecho, Universidad Complutense de Madrid 

"I participated in the Luiss Summer School on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe in July 2014. It offered me a great opportunity to develop my interest in the Europeanisation of National Parliaments further, to deepen my knowledge about the topic and to gain new ideas and perspectives. Through the well-structured thematic sessions, consisting of a lecture followed by an open discussion, we were able to interact with high profile academics and practitioners in the field, who gave us interesting insights into the latest developments and recent research on the subject. Furthermore, I was able to present my own research and to receive valuable feedback on it. Last but now least, the School offered a rich social program and I thoroughly enjoyed the open and personal atmosphere both during sessions and outside of School. I met many other young professionals from all over Europe (and the world), and we spent a great time in summery Rome."

Anne Pintz, PhD Student at Institut für Politische Wissenschaft (IPW), Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

"I can confidently recommend the Luiss summer school on "Parliamentary Democracy in Europe" to any young researcher working in the field. For me, it offered a possibility to present my research and interact with a diverse and interesting group of likeminded scholars. I went away with many new ideas and professional contacts. Moreover, thanks to the participation in the summer school, I was given the possibility to publish my paper in the Luiss Working Papers Series. Last but not least, I visited Rome, as well the parliamentary chambers, the Camera dei Deputati and the Senato, as part of the rich social programme of the summer school."

Katarzyna Granat, European University Institute

"I was attending the Luiss Summer School on parliamentary democracy in Europe in summer 2012. Since my PhD deals with national parliaments from a political science perspective, I was very much looking forward getting new insights from a legal view. The summer school exceeded my initial expectations. A number of high profile speakers attended the conference giving interesting presentations from their field of expertise. Nonetheless, there has always been enough room for discussions. The week was very well structured; thematic sessions were followed by student presentations. Academic literature was provided in advance. The location as well as the food was downright good. Also the social programme allowed getting to know Rome a bit better.

From my perspective, the biggest added value has been the acquaintance with other students and practitioners from different parts of Europe. The opportunity to submit your own paper for future publications sets high incentives to participate in this Jean Monnet Module."

Oliver Höing, M.A. Research Assistant, Jean Monnet Chair of Political Science and European Politics, University of Cologne.

"The Luiss Summer School on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe was an excellent opportunity for me to extend and update the findings of my research project in the field of democracy and subsidiarity in the EU. I found the workshops very well designed in encouraging participants to question and challenge the issues presented throughout the course. I had the opportunity to interact with leading national and European academics and civil servants. Furthermore, I can say it was a great occasion to broaden my professional network with lecturers and very enthusiastic participants coming from other European countries."

Elena Maioli Castriota Scanderbech, PhD Student in Political Science and Institutions in Europe - University of Naples "Federico II".



JM Module 2016-2019 on “Parliamentary accountability and technical expertise: budgetary powers, information and communication technologies and elections (PATEU)” - (project number no. 575392-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPJMO-MODULE). Grant Agreement/Decision Nr 2016-2571