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Ndlovu Ntokozo Thabezweni: policy making for human rights

The Luiss student Ndlovu Ntokozo Thabezweni is attending the Second Level University Master in International Public Affairs of the Luiss School of Government thanks to the support and assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. She began her studies by earning a law degree from the University of Zimbabwe, then she practiced the profession, until she decided to continue her studies focusing on in-depth knowledge of international organizations.

"We are particularly pleased to have Ntokozo, a brilliant lawyer from Zimbabwe, among our students. Openness and international projection are a priority for our University, which has built training courses for young people from all over the world. The challenge to which we are called is to equip our students with a broad and solid multidisciplinary preparation, rich in experiences that can increase the cultural and human baggage necessary to operate in the globalized world ", said the Luiss Vice President Paola Severino welcoming the new international student.

Indeed, Ntokozo claims to have chosen Luiss "because it has a great openness to the world: it is an international university where I knew I could find many different cultures, as well as an interdisciplinary approach, which allowed me to explore both theoretical and practical aspects of policy making ". She then adds that one of the strengths of the University is the ability to accompany her in her main objective: working in an international organization.

Ntokozo's dream for the future is to reconcile policy making and human rights. Her goal, indeed, is to be able to understand to what extent these two elements influence international organizations, making sure that policy makers always consider human rights.

"One of the things I really like about Luiss are the Campus. It is not surprising to see many foreign students because Rome is wonderful, as well as the beauty and history that lies behind it", she continues. Another thing that pleasantly struck the student is the kindness and thoughtfulness of the colleagues who are always ready to lend a hand, and the willingness of the professors to clarify and deepen the topics.

She suggests to the students who are entering the university to keep their concentration steady and high: "my advice is to keep an agenda in which writing down all the objectives you intend to achieve. It can be a good way to keep promises and be disciplined ".