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European Capitals



Hertie School, Executive Education (Berlin), the Luiss School of Government (Rome) and the International School for GovernmentKing's College (London), are offering an intensive learning experience for public policy and management executives in three European capital cities.

Initiated and supported by leading personalities of administration and academia, this programme offers a deep understanding of policy and management processes in each capital. Comprising of three 3- to 4-day modules in Berlin, London and Rome, the programme will contribute to building a network among participants heading for future leadership positions.

Since its first edition in 2017, this unique executive course has benefited from the academic knowledge and sharing of the Luiss School of Government-based “Centrifugal Europe and the Challenge of Integration (Project number: 574597-EPP.1-2016-IT-EPPJMO) funded by the European Commission throught its Erasmus + Programme. In particular, participants have been exposed to the analysis of how “centrifugal” changes are impacting EU public policy making as brough forward by Prof. Sergio Fabbrini. In particular, partecipants have been forwarded access to Centre Working Papers as produced by the Centre and distributed by its website.  

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