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This programme is led by:

Prof. Giovanni Orsina, Director Luiss School of Government 

Prof. Arnaud Leconte, Professor of Economics, CIFE

The faculty includes: 

  • Maria Giulia Amadio Vicerè, Post-Doctoral Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Political Science of Luiss University;
  • Sabino Cassese, Judge of the Italian Constitutional Court, Emeritus Professor of at Theory of The State, Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa;
  • Michel-Henry Bouchet, Distinguished Finance Professor at SKEMA Business School, Former Senior Economist at World Bank;
  • Olivier Glassey, Lecturer at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, University of Lausanne;
  • Emre Gür, Professor of Project Management, CIFE;
  • Arnaud Leconte, Co-Director of the Governance Master, Professor of Economics, CIFE;
  • Raffaele Marchetti, Deputy Rector for Internationalization and Associate Professor in International Relations at the Department of Political Science and the School of Government of Luiss;
  • Leonardo Morlino, Emeritus Professor, Luiss Guido Carli 
  • Ryszard Piasecki, former Ambassador of Poland in Chile, Professor of International Affairs at University of Lodz;
  • Philippe Poirier, Professor in Political Science, Head of Research Group for European Governance- Action Jean Monnet 2017-2020, Holder of the Chair in Parliamentary Studies;
  • Arlo Poletti, Associate Professor, University of Trento;
  • Cristina Teleki, Research Associate at Graduate Institute, University of Zürich
  • Milad Zarin-Nejadan, Professor of Economics in Switzerland (Universities of Neuchâtel, Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg and at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) and abroad (Tohoku University, Japan).