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Scopri il nuovo programma in partnership con il CIFE: Joint Master in European Cultural Governance

Joint Master in European Cultural Governance

Engaging with our cultural heritage to shape sustainable policies

The Joint Master in European Cultural Governance (EUCULTURE) is the result of a partnership between the School of Government of Luiss Guido Carli and the Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE).

By living and learning Europe’s culture in Italy, Germany and France you connect the European traditions and history with the need for forward-thinking government and innovative cultural policies inspired by visionary artists. 

Cultural Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration for forward-thinking government and cultural policies.

Culture embraces museums, sites and monuments, the built environment, urban centers and full landscapes, as well as intangible heritage and contemporary artists’ creations who embody and innovate beyond the European cultural heritage in the present and for the future. The huge potential of heritage-led local development and regeneration in historic cities, villages, historical houses & gardens, and the countryside across Europe can indeed become a real 'game- changer' towards a greener and more sustainable Europe.

A career in cultural governance offers you the chance to protect as well as shape the future of our most precious places and people.

It aims at professional integration in the field of heritage development in all its forms, political archaeological, historical and artistic. Finally, it intends to develop a historical and anthropological approach to heritage phenomena in terms of institutions and organizations, ownership and belonging. The Master mobilizes all the constituent approaches of history, archaeology, and art history, as well as heritage, political sciences and local development promotion.

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