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The Master draws upon the teaching skills of highly regarded international academics chosen for their knowledge of the important and evolving areas of the course. In addition, several elements of the curriculum elements will be taught by leading practitioners who will share real-world experience to go beyond theoretical learning.

  • Giovanni Orsina, Dean of the Luiss School of Govenrnment and Director of the Master in European Studies, Full Professor of Contemporary History at Luiss Guido Carli
  • Amin Ashtiani, Professor of International Economics at Luiss University
  • Maria Elena Cavallaro, Coordinator of the SoG Masters, Professor of History of International Relations at Luiss University
  • Raffaella Coletti, Researcher at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • Luisa Corazza, Professor Labour Law, Università del Molise
  • Piero Esposito, Professor og Global Trade at Luiss University
  • Yves Mény, Former Director of the European University Institute, Florence
  • Christian Lequesne, Professor of political science at Sciences Po’s Center for International Studies (CERI)
  • Robert Leonardi, Research Associate at Italian National Research Council
  • Giacomo Luchetta, Founding Partner at Syntesia Policy and Economics
  • Luciano Monti, Professor of Politiche dell'Unione europea at Luiss University 
  • Simone Mori, Head of Europe at the Enel Group
  • Stefania Panebianco, Associate Professor for Political Sciences at University of Catania
  • Roberto Pardolesi, Professor Emeritus, Full Professor of Comparative Law and Professor of Private Law at the Faculty of Economics of Luiss University
  • Sanna Venere Stefania, Researcher, Dept. DISPOC, Faculty of Political Science, University of Siena
  • Stefano Sacchi, Professor of Political Science, Polytechnic University of Turin
  • Francesco Maria Salerno, Gianni & Origoni, Partner
  • Francesco Saraceno, Deputy Department Director at OFCE-Sciences Po
  • Marco Simoni, Professor of European Political Economy In Times Of Crises at Luiss University
  • Mark Thatcher, Professor of Comparative Public Policy In Europe at Luiss University