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  • Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, and Head of BIU Innovation Lab for Law, Data-Science and Digital Ethics, Bar Ilan University
  • Iain Cameron, Professor of Public International Law, Department of Law, Uppsala University and member of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (TBC)
  • Bruno Dias Pinheiro, Permanent Representative of the Portuguese Parliament to the EU institutions, Brussels (TBC)
  • Tímea Drinóczi, Full Professor, Department of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, University of Pécs
  • Cristina Fasone, Assistant Professor of Comparative Public Law, Department of Political Science, Luiss University
  • Luigi Gianniti, Head of the Research Department, Senate of the Italian Republic (TBC)
  • Elena Griglio, Parliamentary Counsellor, Senate of the Italian Republic
  • Joelle Grogan, Senior Lecturer in UK and EU Public Law, Middlesex University London
  • Nicola Lupo, Full Professor of Parliamentary Law, Department of Political Science, and Jean Monnet Chair on “Understanding European Representative Democracy”, Luiss University
  • Aleksandra Maatsch, Chair of Social Sciences and Economics, Willy Brandt Centre for German and European Studies, University of Wrocław
  • Giovanni Rizzoni, Head of the Research Department, Italian Chamber of Deputies
  • Olivier Rozenberg, Associate Professor, Sciences Po-Paris, Centre d’études européennes
  • Ton Van der Brink, Full Professor of EU legislative studies, School of Law, Utrecht University
  • Giancarlo Vilella, Former Director-General for Innovation and Technological Support at the European Parliament (TBC)



JM Module 2016-2019 on “Parliamentary accountability and technical expertise: budgetary powers, information and communication technologies and elections (PATEU)” - (project number no. 575392-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPJMO-MODULE). Grant Agreement/Decision Nr 2016-2571