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The Summer Program is designed for:

  • graduates, doctoral students and post-docs active in the field of constitutional law, human rights, democratic transitions, parliamentary and legislative studies, electoral studies, European studies, international relations (preferably with a background in social sciences) 
  • civil servants from European institutions and bodies, from international organizations, and from national and subnational institutions in the EU Member States and from third countries 
  • professionals working for NGOs, think tanks and interest groups  who want to acquire advanced knowledge on how liberal constitutional systems are being eroded from within, by which institutional and political actors and with which consequences for the protection of fundamental rights and of the rule of law principles.




JM Module 2016-2019 on “Parliamentary accountability and technical expertise: budgetary powers, information and communication technologies and elections (PATEU)” - (project number no. 575392-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPJMO-MODULE). Grant Agreement/Decision Nr 2016-2571