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Teaching activities

The research and dissemination activities of the Jean Monnet Center have been delivered directly primarly on its leading two post graduate courses at the time:  

In the first two master, the Centre has provided fundamental knowledge and expertise in the analysis of how EU institutions and policy making has been affected by centrifigual elements affecting economic and political integration at the domestic level and the pro-active shaping of governance mechanisms at the international level. In the first two masters, focus has been directed to issues of how negotiation among all different stakeholders are affected by these changes and the way students and future policy leaders face them in the near and medium term.   

In the Master of International Public Affairs, issues associated to the Jean Monnet Center were connected to the teaching activities associated to the course “The Eurozone Crisis and Interstate Cleavages” run by Center Fellow, Prof. Vivien Schmidt. Vivien A. Schmidt is Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration, Professor of International Relations in the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies and Professor of Political Science at Boston University.  

The findings of the centers have also been part of the unique pan-European executive program “Capitals” organised since 2017 with Hertie School of Governance, King’s College London and Science Po. This unique program offers a deep understanding of policy and management processes in each capital, while creating a a network among participants heading for future leadership positions. During the course, participants have benefited from the analysis of how “centrifugal” changes are impacting EU public policy making as brought forward by Prof. Sergio Fabbrini and the other parts of the research team.