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Monthly Reports

The Monthly Report aims to provide international analysts, journalists, and investors with a guide to the political scenario, policy-making process and opinion trends in Italy. Italian politics has always been an arcane subject, but today there are at least three reasons to try to better understand it. First, in Italy the crisis of the political establishment that is now evident in many advanced democracies has begun a quarter century ago. Second, Italy is the first country from within the historical core of the European community to be governed by anti-establishment parties. Third, its politics represents the greatest threat to the stability, or possibly even the existence, of the common European currency.

  • 2020

Monthly report n. 7 - November 2020

Monthly report n. 6 - October 2020

Monthly report n. 5- July 2020

Monthly report n. 4 - June 2020

Monthly report n. 3 - May 2020

Monthly report n. 2 - March 2020

Monthly report n. 1- February 2020


  • 2019

Monthly report n. 8 - December 2019

Monthly report n. 7 - November 2019

Monthly report n. 6 - October 2019

Monthly report n. 5 - July 2019

Monthly report n. 4 - June 2019

Monthly report n. 3 - April 2019

Monthly report n. 2 - March 2019

Monthly report n. 1 - February 2019

Monthly report n. 0 - January 2019